Uniquely Clean Energy Resource : Hydrogen Fuel Cell

In a recent Current Affair Webinar the young minds gained knowledge about this renewable, versatile and eco-friendly source of energy. With almost zero emission and an ability to reduce carbon footprints with vast applications in future energy required endeavours and enterprises. The session bolstered the Idealites in enhancing their critical thinking skill and intelligence quotient.

Jaltarang: The Rhythm of Water

The students learned that the activity indicates motion of sound created or modified with the aid of water. When the students hit the cup with a stick or finger, water waves were produced due to vibrations in the cup. These vibrations travel through water in the cups and after striking the surface of the cup, these vibrations produce sound. The students critically analyzed the activity and the learning objective of the lesson was achieved.


Quadratic Polynomials: The Secret Revealed

The fun filled and hands-on learning of quadratic expressions by cutting and pasting glazed papers. It was a geometrical interpretation of the factorization. All positive integers were represented by any one colour unit square and all negative integers were shown by different colour squares. Students could take different colour combinations. The value of x could also be taken as any number. As a conclusion, the students verified the factors of two quadratic polynomials with critical analysis of the concept.


Ham Bharat Ke Log Quiz

Quizzing: Stimulated Learning

India is an assimilative country that fosters several cultures, religions, castes, creeds, and civilizations. As a part of Independence Month celebrated in Ideal Academy the students were given an opportunity to appear for Hum Bharat ke Log quiz. It was an endeavor to broaden their understanding and introduce them to the nuanced knowledge of India.
The quiz on Country India contained questions on Indian history, culture, mythology, geography, and society and assisted students to enhance their consciousness about the country.

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Heat: A Sustainable Energy

Class 7th of Ideal Academy creatively depicted various aspects of heat on a chart paper when they studied the concept of heat. The students while sharing their work with the class, took initiative in explaining that heat is a kind of energy that is transferred from one body to another as a result of a difference in temperature. The teacher assisted them to understand and critically analyze the importance, properties and effects of heat on matter around us.


Persuasive Advertisement: Skill Driven Activity

The fewer words, the better advertising

The aim of the activity was to raise awareness to the type of language used in advertising. The students mastered the skill and learned that an advertisement can be just about anything that draws attention to a particular thing such as a product, service or event. Creating an advertisement for a school project is an entertaining way to present the subject.


Human Impacts on The Environment

The hands-on approach helped students understand the impact humans have on the physical environment. Students came up with various ideas to depict causes like: overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation etc. Changes like these have triggered climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and undrinkable water. Students analyzed that these negative impacts can affect human behavior and can prompt mass migrations or battles over clean water etc. It made the students aware of their role in keeping the surroundings clean.


Predict-Observe-Explain Activity

The Candle in the Bell-jar experiment is an investigatory approach towards learning that oxygen is essential for burning.

It was used as a starter activity to grab the students’ interest as well as grasp the concept in a fun way. It also helped to link combustion with the Fire Triangle. The students noted down their observation, and explained the empirical findings.

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Plantation drive – 2021

“If you plant a tree, you plant a life.”

Here are the glimpses of the celebration of Van Mahotsav or Forest Festival in the Academy to spread awareness of forest conservation and to save the environment.
Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar planted saplings on 1st july 21 and said that India has set a target of creating an additional 2 billion carbon sequestration by 2030. As part of this initiative, children in the Academy took it on their shoulders. In lower classes the kids were trained and guided by their mother teachers to do the plantation whereas in higher classes children performed it on their own as if taking the responsibility of being the guardians of the planet.

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List and Learn the Concept of HCF: Tricky and a Clever Method

The listing method is a brilliant method in terms of underlying conceptual understanding – students can see exactly what they’re trying to achieve here. The greatest number which divides each of the two or more numbers is called HCF or Highest Common Factor.
During the activity the students need to list all the factors of the two numbers and find the biggest number that’s in both lists – that’s your HCF. Simple!
The aim of the activity was to encourage learners to reflect on their subject knowledge and the effectiveness of their explanations.

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