Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Laboratory – Adding Interest to the Subject

Chemistry is often perceived as complicated and even boring. At our school, learning chemistry is super fun! It is a place to explore, enjoy and also understand the responsibility of treating equipment and chemicals with the care and attention they deserve. Learning methods, facilities and the faculty here prove that the subject can be interesting and easy to learn.

Encourages Learning with Curiosity

The chemistry lab is fully equipped to ensure that students are in touch with all the latest developments and techniques in this realm. The environment and setting of the lab nurture the intuitive and inquisitive minds of the children and enhance their zest to make scientific enquiries. The teachers and the highly trained lab staff provide an atmosphere conducive to learning not just in theory but by applying it practically.

Fully Equipped Laboratory

Our school’s chemistry lab has state-of-the-art apparatus:

  • Computer aided environment
  • Durable and high quality glass beakers
  • Marked cylinders for measuring liquids
  • Glass flasks
  • Wickless alcohol lamps with stand
  • Test tubes and stands
  • Thermometer
  • Tubing Pinch Clamps
  • PH papers
  • Rubber stoppers
  • Ring stands
  • Distillation equipment and many other equipment
  • Well-maintained, good quality and safely stored stock of chemicals for conducting experiments
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Well-stocked First Aid kit

The Importance of Safety

We ensure that the equipment and chemicals are checked at regular intervals and all defective materials are instantly disposed off. Students are coached on being alert and must inform the lab assistant or the staff on duty of any imminent hazard or risky chemical spills. Everyone is taught to use the safety, emergency as well as the fire fighting equipment so that accidents are prevented.