Smart Class Rooms

Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response assistive listening devices, networking and audio/visual capabilities. Classroom services leads the support, design, and planning for campus learning spaces.

Smart Classrooms is a comprehensive strategy for digital education. The key to the strategy is that it is student-centric; recognizing the demand, from both students and their parents, for seamless movement between learning at school, home, work and play. The audio-visual mode is more interesting. It is used as a kind of support to classroom teaching. Concepts have become much clearer to the  kids. “Teaching through television has a visual impact, which lasts longer… activities are decided.”

“The main aim of the smart education is to introduce e-learning solution in the school.” Under the Smart Educational Services, performance of teachers will also be evaluated regularly in a scientific manner. Study aids like question banks test papers and interactive material like flowchart students in the digital form. As a part of linking language with technology, smart classroom helps students to set up activity room for English to acquire accent and fluency.