Air Cooled Auditorium

Auditorium with latest technology

In present education system audio-visual impact is must for overall development of a child’s mind. So apart from textual knowledge we emphasize on virtual understanding.

To supplement the theoretical teaching in the classroom we have an air cooled audio visual hall where students get career counselling, academic counselling, personality development seminars besides geography, history, languages, general knowledge, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, environment sciences and other subjects are made easy to grasp by live learning.

Our A.V. hall is spacious with capacity of 175 plus students and well equipped with a latest technology projector by EPSON (EP-X11 esp), mike system and efficient sound system. We prepare presentations on related topics according to level of children so that they can understand the things properly. Apart from this we are also having a huge collection of 70 plus educational CD’s.

We also have high speed internet so that the children should not lack behind in the advancing world. We also update and teach our students about latest discoveries and inventions.