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The vaccination does not mean that the battle is over, it shows we are winning the war against the pandemic.
We welcome the students to fully vaccinated campus!
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Worship to Wisdom

Ganesh Chaturthi

The true essence of Ganesh Chaturthi lies in the fact that the devotees worship Ganesha to rid their lives of all the sins and substitute them with knowledge and wisdom. With this belief, the Ideal Academy invited entries from Idealites to participate in the Ganesha Idol Making Activity. Students used biodegradable material to make their own Ganesha idol. The students were provided E-Appreciation for their active participation. While doing this they also relearned the fact that festivals build group cohesiveness, inform, educate, bring people together, break the monotony of routine and give us a chance to re-energize our body, mind, and spirit.


A Fun Filled Trip to Cherish Forever!

Flipped Classroom for Teachers: Magnificent Mandav, The City of Joy Mandav or Mandu is located in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. It is a beautiful place rich in history and heritage which is visible in its palaces, monuments and widespread lawns. The school organized an excursion for educators to this popular tourist spot to witness the beautiful ancient carvings and architectural heritage. Mandu is not a typical tourist destination. The educators realized, if they let go of reality for a while and shroud themselves in the mystery of time travel, they may get a glimpse of a town that once was the shining jewel of empires and may hear the tinkling anklets of dancing girls, the war cry of feuding armies or even feel the heartbreak of Baz Bahadur when Roopmati committed suicide.

It was a memorable and enriching experience for all.


Plantation drive – 2021

“If you plant a tree, you plant a life.”

Here are the glimpses of the celebration of Van Mahotsav or Forest Festival in the Academy to spread awareness of forest conservation and to save the environment.
Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar planted saplings on 1st july 21 and said that India has set a target of creating an additional 2 billion carbon sequestration by 2030. As part of this initiative, children in the Academy took it on their shoulders. In lower classes the kids were trained and guided by their mother teachers to do the plantation whereas in higher classes children performed it on their own as if taking the responsibility of being the guardians of the planet.

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