26th January Celebration: Birthday of Our Constitution

Being the 75th year of Independence, the country is celebrating the Republic Day on the broader Ambit of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and so as Ideal Academy. It is a day of national rejoicing and a red letter day in our country. It is celebrated with zeal and spirit throughout the length and breadth of the country. The day was celebrated in our school with great éclat. The unfurling of the flag followed by singing of the national anthem and a series of cultural performances including speeches by the students, teachers and the honourable guest of the event Col.(Retd.) Manoj Burman sir.
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Ham Bharat Ke Log Quiz

Quizzing: Stimulated Learning

India is an assimilative country that fosters several cultures, religions, castes, creeds, and civilizations. As a part of Independence Month celebrated in Ideal Academy the students were given an opportunity to appear for Hum Bharat ke Log quiz. It was an endeavor to broaden their understanding and introduce them to the nuanced knowledge of India.
The quiz on Country India contained questions on Indian history, culture, mythology, geography, and society and assisted students to enhance their consciousness about the country.

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Virtual Janmashtami Celebration

Themed Learning Activities by Our Little Munchkins

The Krishna Janmashtami festival marks the birth of Krishna, one of the most popular deities worshipped by Hindus. This Janmashtami, in spite of facing a pandemic situation, kids displayed their devotion to the lord with very unique art forms to please him and acquire more knowledge about him with a lot of creativity. The activities included dress up like Krishna, newspaper Janmashtami jhula for Bal Gopal, decorate a dahi handi (curd pot), make sweets & savories, decorate a Bansuri / Flute, aarti Ki thali decoration, create a Krishna village scene and many more.

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……..hence proved and verified!!!

Thoughtfully the teacher devised a way to elucidate students that the sum of angles of a quadrilateral is 360°. During the activity the students drew a quadrilateral, made cut out of angles at vertices using tracing paper, arranged 4 angles at center point, forming a complete circle.

Students could relate the “unknown to the known” concept that a complete circle is 360°. The skills of critical thinking and creativity were primarily focused through the activity.


Learning Facts with Fiction!!!

Learning phases of the moon just became evident and fascinating. The teacher engaged the students in the task of learning by doing and afterwards to verbalize what they learned. The activity gave them a great visual as to how the moon revolves around the Earth with changing phases!
This is a perfect activity to review the vocabulary words revolve, rotate, brighter, bigger, pretty, dark etc.! The students analysed that since the moon orbits around the Earth every 27 days, these phases repeat over and over. It’s a cycle!


Unfurling the Secrets of Plant Life

This was a great way to introduce students to plants and learn to think like scientists. An exploration of external parts of the plants gave an insight to the students to the unrevealed life of plants under the soil.

The teacher helped the learners identify the various parts of a leaf with this handy activity. It also included a labelled diagram, which was self explanatory.
A little further in the lesson, the educator explained how plants carry out the process of PHOTOSYNTHESIS and its importance to mankind by drawing a FOOD CHAIN.


Grammar Brammer!!!

Here in Ideal Academy the grammar lessons were made fascinating by various student-centric approaches where the students were actively engaged with their own learning. Students learned by a tool that helped them to explore different ways to represent the same information.

The teaching learning process provided the students with the opportunity to reflect critically on the concepts they learned and taught the students to collaborate, communicate, interact , work in teams and most importantly the peer learning.

New ideas and knowledge were largely constructed out of existing ideas.

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Noun: Naming Words Enrichment Activity

This part of a speech refers to words that are used to name persons, places, things, events or ideas. All nouns are naming words.

In the Ideal Academy the educators thought it’s time to eradicate boring grammar lessons and to include a variety of engaging and inspiring grammar activities.

This time children actively engaged themselves in making interesting models for depicting various kinds of nouns along with their definitions and examples. They extended their knowledge by differentiating between various kinds of nouns.
The activity encouraged the students to challenge each other and have fun while consolidating their knowledge of nouns.

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Factoring Numbers in Riveting and Provocative Manner

Prime factorization of any number means to represent that number as a product of prime numbers. To achieve the pedantry of the knowledge gained, the big idea for conceptualization was through a factor tree. A factor tree shows the prime factors of a composite number in a “tree-like” form. Students could make different factor trees to find the same prime factorization. Along with being engrossing, it also finds its widespread real life application in sending encrypted messages.

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Plantation drive – 2021

“If you plant a tree, you plant a life.”

Here are the glimpses of the celebration of Van Mahotsav or Forest Festival in the Academy to spread awareness of forest conservation and to save the environment.
Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar planted saplings on 1st july 21 and said that India has set a target of creating an additional 2 billion carbon sequestration by 2030. As part of this initiative, children in the Academy took it on their shoulders. In lower classes the kids were trained and guided by their mother teachers to do the plantation whereas in higher classes children performed it on their own as if taking the responsibility of being the guardians of the planet.

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