Zoo trip

Zoo : An Excellent Place To Study The Habits Of Human Beings!!

Visiting a zoo makes us learn a lot many things about the various species of animals besides the fun and frolic that we have. Having this idea Ideal Academy organized a zoo trip for the students of class 1st and 2nd. This zoo visit offered too many things for children to learn. They assimilated that animal’s life is as important as human life. They came to know more about the wondrous creations of God on this Earth and learnt about the food and habits of different species of birds and animals.

75th Independence Day Celebration

75TH Independence Day – purpose served! Grandeur of events led to serve the purpose of inspiring the youth to understand the importance of being born as free.Being thankful for Breathing the fresh air of democracy and paying tribute to our matryrs was the sole motive of celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahautsav. The young Idealites displayed their patriotic spirit through flag hoisting,singing of our national anthem, mime act, poem recitation, dance and thanks giving. The coherence of each student brought about in this celebration showcased that the future generation is getting ready to shine apart on the global frontier too.

Don’t be safety blinded, be safety minded

Every Child deserves to be Safe and has right to feel free from fear from harm, danger or threats. With this perception and to develop the awareness about safety among the kids A seminar “When I am alone at home ” for Primary students had been organized in school premises.Students learned that why safety is important at home too and what steps they need to follow to take care of everyone around them.

Every animal has its story!

A trip to the zoo is a chance to give life to children’s imagination and build an emotional connection with animals. For this purpose a Zoo Trip has been organised for Montessori kids.. Zoo visit enabled children to learn about animals effectively, fostered cognitive development and promoted empathy and compassion.

Training proves to be the key ingredient to handling any emergency situation.

With the above objective in view, Idealites were prepared to respond efficiently and effectively when faced with an emergency situation. The children acknowledged the emergency numbers and strategy to handle that situation with enthusiasm and wisdom.
#Medical_ Emergency

Hygiene and sanitation are of an utmost importance when it comes to using toilets.

Toilet hygiene seminar has been organized for the Montessori students to know how to maintain Hygiene. This will help the students to get aware about using the toiletries and washroom using etiquettes. Here they learn about Styles of Toilets, Toiletries , Etiquettes for using washroom , Things used to clean washrooms, steps of washing hands etc.
#Importance_of_Toilets .

Dictionary Navigation

Dictionary Navigation has been organised to inculcate the habit of learning new vocabulary words of the English language with correct spellings, synonyms and pronunciations. This will give wings to the learner to acquire and master better reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the language.

Hair Combing Activity

Yes! I can brush my hair on my own!

Considering this learning outcome as part of Life Skills Training Sessions, the tiny tots at Ideal Academy were trained to perform the task on their own. Along with this the participation in the activity has also developed skills such as self-esteem and specific fine motor skills.

The International Yoga Day

Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried every day. Yoga Day is celebrated among the youth and children to make them understand the importance of Yoga in their life.The International Yoga Day was celebrated in Ideal Academy on 21st June to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to every soul in the world. This was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline.