Diwali Celebration 2022

LIFE Becomes A FESTIVAL when Gaiety And Culture Blend !! DIWALI Delivers the Message of Both !!

From the gloominess to the light that entitles us to perpetrate ourselves to good deeds, that which brings us closer to divinity ; lights elucidate every corner of India during Diwali and the aroma of incense twigs dangle in the air, mingled with the sound of crackers , joy , inseparableness and hope.
The celebration of festival of lights Diwali came alive at Ideal Academy when the school wore a festive look with Diyas, Lanterns and Rangolis , adoring the corridors .Surely this was the upshot of students spirit who carried out this pleasing slog by participating in various competitions. Formerly they attained the consequences as well do’s and don’ts in diwali celebration by attending a calibre convocation. The day came to an end with lots of joy and happiness sparkling on the faces of sweet kidos.