Majestic Joy Ride to Nakhrali Dhani

The world is a playground, you sense this while you are a kid. To keep this perception alive, Ideal Academy has arranged a fun trip for Montessori to Primary Classes to Nakhrali Dhani, Indore. The students were thrilled to reach the destination and relished disparate activities like camel ride, horse ride, puppet show, magic show, kalbeliya dance etc. After an astounding and fun packed morning they had a delicious Rajasthani Meal. It has provided a great opportunity to the children to come closer to this majestic art of Rajasthan.

Fun Filled Tour to Adlabs Imagica Theme park & Lonavala 2022-23

Fun Filled Tour to Adlabs Imagica Theme park & Lonavala

Nothing beats an exciting hands on experience to deepen learning. The magic of field trip isn’t just the subject, it’s the break in routine and adventure that opens up children’s mind to whole new world !!

Theoretical expertise in the books is not always enough to furnish the essential learnings to the students. The retention of a concept is better when the student experiences it practically.

Outdoor trips are the opportunities to be out of the classroom confinements and enjoy the embrace of the natural surroundings in the company of peers.Teachers also get to analyze and observe the students in real-life scenarios.

As itinerating on outdoor trip enhances student’s critical thinking skills and proffers them a chance to think about a topic or theme from a divergent perspective, Ideal Academy organized a mirthful outdoor trip for the students of class 6th to 12th to Imagica and Lonavala.

It can be concluded that the trip was a triumphant and the objectives were bestowed.