Enriching Teacher’s Training Workshop 2022-23

“Human beings differ from one another and there is absolutely no reason to teach and assess all individuals in the identical way.”

There is more than one way about how learning occurs. To help the students to do perfect learning the teachers need to have pedagogical intelligence. This is something which should be kept on renewed every day and every year. Keeping this in view an enriching workshop was conducted by Ms. Sudha Shah (Renowned Educationist, Oxford Language Evaluator and Corporate Soft Skill Trainer of Ahmedabad Gujarat) for the staff members.

With various light hearted examples she proved the need for change in teaching pattern in classrooms. She told the teachers to enjoy teaching. Because till the time a teacher won’t enjoy teaching, the required zeal of learning will not come in the students. Always wake up with a feeling that every day is a new day and every experience is a new experience. She said that in the era of Digital Learning we need to change our pattern of teaching. Teachers need to understand that technology has developed so much that today only teaching is not going to help. We teachers need to become facilitators. We need to allow our children to think, to do. We should realize that all children are not the same. They have different ways of learning. Some children do Visual learning, a few do auditory learning and some do kinesthetic learning. It’s a teacher’s job to understand the kind of learning of a child and teach him/her accordingly. Ms. Sudha concluded her workshop with some mind boggling statements i.e. “Teachers can’t remain silent spectators to change, if they won’t change, they will become extinct”.

The evening concluded with a memento presentation and vote of thanks by the school Director Ms. Pooja Tiwari. She thanked the resource person by saying that staff has benefitted by her wisdom.