World Heart Day

29 September 2020 –

A simple promise … for MY HEART, for YOUR HEART, for ALL OUR HEARTS.

Heart Day is part of an international campaign to spread awareness about heart disease and stroke prevention. This is the perfect day to quit smoking, get exercising and start eating healthy – all in the name of keeping your ticker in good working order, and improving the health and well being of people the world over. The World Heart Federation have found that heart disease and strokes are the world’s leading cause of death, killing 17.1 million people every year – that’s more than victims of cancer, HIV and AIDS and malaria. Overeating, lack of exercise, unhealthy diets and high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels are all factors which can trigger heart disease and threaten our own lives, and those of loved ones. Heart Day was set up to drive home the message that heart problems can be prevented.

The aim is to improve health globally by encouraging people to make lifestyle changes and promoting education internationally about ways to be good to your heart.

World Heart Day is celebrated every year. It was created by the World Heart Federation. The first World Heart Day took place back in 2000. Since then, in 2012, leaders from around the globe committed to the reduction of worldwide mortality from non-communicable diseases by 25 percent by 2025.

As World Heart Day is all about drawing people’s attention to heart diseases and illnesses, as well as the range of health issues that are associated with this, it makes sense to raise awareness and also improve your own understanding. We would recommend taking some time to do a bit of research about heart conditions and risk factors. You can then use your online platforms and your social groups in order to raise awareness.

There are both non-governmental and governmental organizations that take part in this date around the world. They do this through the organization of science fairs, exhibitions, fitness sessions, public talks, walks, and marathons. Some famous buildings, monuments, and landmarks opt to go red on this date so that they can show their support for cardiovascular disease awareness.

There are a lot of different charities and organizations that are doing great work when it comes to raising awareness and finding cures for different heart problems. We are sure that they would appreciate a donation, whether this is a donation of your time, money, or both! After all, anything that you can do can make a difference to someone’s life, so do not underestimate the role that you can play.