World Energy Conservation Day

14 December 2020 –

With the growing population of the world, energy requirements are also increasing. But the speed at which energy requirement is increasing, the fear of destruction of all resources of energy has started increasing. Therefore, it is necessary that we pay special attention to energy conservation or develop other resources for its replacement because if we are not successful in our efforts during the time, then entire human civilization can be in danger.National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year on 14th December in India. In India Energy Conservation Act was implemented by Energy Efficiency Bureau in 2001. Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE) is a constitutional body which works under Government of India and helps in the development of policies and strategies to reduce use of energy. The objective of Energy Conservation Act in India is to appoint professional, qualified and energetic managers and auditors who have expertise in policy-making, financial management and implementation of energy-related projects.