Taj Mahotsav

18 February 2021 –

Taj Mahotsav, organised by Uttar Pradesh Tourism annually in the historic city of Agra, is a cultural extravaganza that witnesses the fusion of art, craft, cuisine, dance and music. Taj Mahotsav gives a true Picture of India at its best with a glimpse of its rich cultural heritage and extraordinary legacies. Commencing from 18th February, 10-day long Mahotsav kicks off with a lavish procession that makes one reminiscent of the grandeur and magnificence of the Mughal era. Splendidly decorated camels and elephants, immensely talented folk artists, dexterous master craftsmen and beautifully adorned drum players participating in the grand procession recreate the glorious past of the Mughals.

Started in the year 1992, Taj Mahotsav 2021 will be the 30th edition of the festival and is based on the theme “Dharohar”. As the theme suggests, the mahotsav aims to highlight the significance of the splendid historical monuments with which India is so fortunately bestowed.