Indian Armed Forces Flag Day

07 December 2020 –

Since 1949, 7th December is observed as the Armed Forces Flag Day throughout the country to honor the martyrs and the men in uniform who valiantly fought on our borders to safeguard the country’s honor. There cannot be a nobler cause than laying down ones life for the country. At the same time, our admiration for the martyrs should not mean that we have little time for the living heroes who were wounded while doing their duty towards their motherland or their widows and children whom they left behind to fend for themselves.

In post-independent India, there was a need for the welfare of its defense personnel. Thus, on August 28, 1949, a committee was set up, which decided to observe a Flag Day annually. It was decided that December 7 will be considered as Armed forces Flag Day throughout the country. This initiative was undertaken by Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the then Prime Minister of the country.